Utopia’s Mission

We want our products to be exceptional in nutrition, convenience, taste and appearance. We also believe that taking care of our environment will lead to a safer, healthier food product. Thomas’ Utopia Brand™ tomatoes are part of our approach toward sustainable productions and a healthier tomorrow.

Our Vision

Remembering our roots is an important part of the history and legacy of the Thomas Canning products. However, we also need to remember to think of future generations. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to the sustainable production and management practices that we’ve used to build our Thomas’ Utopia Brand. Our main goals are no longer about maximizing productivity and yield. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the world around us, and we’re taking that very seriously.

Our History

Thomas Canning has been processing and canning tomatoes in the Essex County area since 1933 when Will and Grace Thomas started the company with their sons Grant and Wilbur. Back then, everything was done by hand, from planting to harvesting. As time passed and new technologies became available, like mechanical handling, the tomato business saw an increase of field and factory productivity. Growers started managing larger land plots, yields increased and Thomas Canning thrived.

A Family Owned Business

Thomas Canning remains a family-owned business, with the third generation of Thomas’ in charge of operations. These days, we’re focused on addressing the demand for environmental accountability and integrity through sustainable field and factory practices. We’re working to pioneer the growth of Ontario processed tomato products to the organic sector. To this day we are still providing consumers with high quality products with food safety and quality as our paramount goals.

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