Utopia Quality

Thomas Canning Utopia Brand is the only Canadian Organic tomato processor. With over 80 years of experience in tomato processing, Thomas Canning continues to lead the global market in food safety and handling. In fact, Thomas Canning has partnered with the National Food Safety Authority in Nigeria (NAFDAC) and developed an online training tool for Food Handling Certification that is the foundation for the standards in place at our processing plant.

Quality control as a priority and the division

Keeping quality control and food safety priority one is led by Tracey Coleman, Director, Quality Control and Food Safety. Her role includes production quality assurance, overseeing staff, product and process monitoring, internal audits and implementing quality control programs in the plant that starts with employees embarking on certification for food safety handling.

Growing with new staff

Utopia welcomes Michelle Yan, Quality Control Assistant to the team who will be the liaison with management and staff to ensure implementation of quality control standards and training. She will work directly under the Director and will ensure that Standard Operating Procedures are taken, documented and followed through to ensure the quality and safety of Thomas Canning products.

Food Safety online training

Global reach with community application

The Food Safety Handlers Training course is being implemented in partnership with Nigeria and the program is currently being reviewed for academic application in other markets.

Climate Smart – Sustainability

Thomas Canning is in the development of a comprehensive approach that outlines business practices and reduces the environmental impact at every step of our production process. The Climate Smart Program will form the operational foundation for Thomas Canning and will weave its way through the entire operation. We are committed to protecting the land we grow on, expanding our export markets/partnerships, reducing waste, developing and employing new processing technologies that reduce our carbon footprint, embracing diversity, and employing a Food Safety Program that meets and exceeds global standards.

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