Giving Back To The Community

Healthy Living.
Healthy Learning.

Utopia seeks community impact through the building of relationships that have the power to affect change for people. Our outreach will include identifying where we can make the most difference for the people who live and work in the community.

Utopia seeks partnerships with local and regional initiatives that create a sustainable and viable future for the children of Nigeria and considers the many aspects of wellness, from a well-balanced diet to the need for continued education. These partnerships will create opportunities ranging from growing the professional sector to building skilled labor force training and ultimately viable jobs.

The Utopia Brand Community outreach program invites community leaders to submit key issues for consideration of active programs that can support true needs in the community. Stylized incentives and support will be developed based on the success of product and production implementation. We all succeed when we come together.

Utopia in Nigeria

Utopia Brand is a natural fit for the people we are serving. The growing population and interest in new product lines complement the natural resources of the area. Nigeria has a beautiful blend of readily available products that can translate into a unique Utopia line for exportation to North America. The relationship brings the taste of Ontario to Nigeria while sending the wonderful flavors of Nigeria back to Canada.

United Prima Ventures Ltd

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