Why Buy Organic

The top 10 reasons why you should buy organic canned tomato products.

1) Organic foods provide nutrients.

Study after study shows that organic foods are an excellent source of essential nutrients. Organic products, like our Utopia tomatoes, are proven to be a great source of Vitamin A, antioxidants and minerals like iron and potassium.

2) Organics are good for kids!

You know that your growing child needs nutrients, but did you know that a child’s body is more susceptible to toxins than adults? Organic foods help feed their bodies and brains with nothing but the good stuff, encouraging positive, healthy growth and development.

3) Organics are good for the environment.

Organic farming depends heavily on the quality of the growing environment. Farmers are very careful to maintain the quality of air, soil and water sources. A clean environment produces cleaner, healthier food products.

4) Organic production is preparing for the future.

Keeping the earth clean and healthy today is everyone’s responsibility. Organic farms are doing their part in ensuring that the actions of today don’t compromise the needs of future generations.

5) Organic food supports wildlife.

We’re not the only ones counting on a healthy environment. Cleaner, natural farming practices also help out the wildlife that depends on the land to survive. Keeping our farms healthy helps to keep their habitats healthy, too.

6) You can trust organic labels.

When you buy organic products like produce or meat, you know exactly what you’re feeding your family. No additives, no chemicals – just all natural food grown the way nature intended.

7) Organic farms meet very high standards.

Before any food is labeled as organic, know that the farm where it was grown has been inspected thoroughly to make sure that its products and practices meet appropriate organic standards.

8) Organic farming conserves fossil fuels.

Sustainable farming methods use less fossil energy than traditional practices. Buying organic preserves non-renewable fossil fuels, helping to save money spent on energy resources and reduce global warming impacts.

9) Organic farmers build healthy soil.

The food chain begins and ends with soil. Organic farmers rely on healthy soil and are focused on maintaining its quality. Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy earth.

10) Organic foods tastes great!

It’s common sense: well balanced soils grow strong, healthy plants that taste great.

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